1st Down, 4 To Go

The Dallas Cowboys took the first step toward rebuilding by releasing Adam “Pacman” Jones.  This wasn’t a big surprise; Jerry had gambled and lost on this player.   The problem is, it isn’t enough. 

After arguably the most disappointing season in Cowboys history, owner, president, and general manager, Jerry Jones has to be wondering what can he do to turn it around.  Since he is not going to replace the president and general manager of the club, let’s look at five who should be replaced.

  1. “Pacman” Jones.  This one was obvious, even Jerry saw it.  The player never showed the talent he had when playing for Tennessee.  Too much drama, too little production. 
  2. T.O.   Although many would say this player should have never been brought to the Cowboys in the first place, this gamble actually did have production. Romo to Owens produced a league leading touchdown combination.   Still, too much drama, too much distraction, too little team player.  Even when winning, Owens complained about his teammates and the system.   Sorry   T.O., you must go.
  3. Flozell Adams.  The most penalized player in the NFL.  You might could excuse it for one season, but this is consistent.  For every great block he makes, he will give up a false start or holding penalty.  And the great blocks have become fewer and fewer.  He can often be seen helping Romo up after his missed block resulted in Romo getting knocked down or sacked.
  4. “Tank” Johnson.  Again, media friendly name, but little production.  If he had gotten in the face of Donovan Mcnabb as much as he did his own teammates, the Eagles would not have scored 44 points.
  5. Player to be named later.   Let’s wait and see who causes a disruption at training camp.  The odds are on Greg Ellis.  If Ellis gripes the way he has the past few seasons, might as well let him go.  There are plenty of players who would actually want to be a Cowboy.  Ellis has played good, but he hasn’t produced a Super Bowl, or even a playoff win.  We can do without him.

Releasing some high profile players should send a message.  Many players seem to be of the opinion that this is a game.  The fact is football in the public park is a game.  Professional football is not.  This is a business and they get paid very well to perform in that business.  The ticket salesmen for the new Cowboy’s stadium are all about business, why aren’t the players?