Training Camp Begins

The Dallas Cowboys reported to training camp in San Antonio. Team owner Jerry Jones and head coach Wade Phillips started things off with a press conference.  Jones, as usual, expressed his excitement at the upcoming season, including mentioning the new stadium many, many times, calling it “inspirational.”

Jones has obviously been paying attention to the media and public perception as he addressed several of the issues that have been talked about all off-season, such as:

    Tony Romo’s preparation and leadership,

    Wade Phillips staying on as the head coach,

    and the lack of a playoff victory in recent years.

Jones more that once reminisced about his college playing days, making us wonder if he realized it was more than 40 years ago. Does he even realize the game has changed in 40 years, or even that the pro game is different from the college game?

Both Jones and Phillips reflected upon the disgraceful way the season ended last year, (see Disgraceful). They stated it was a motivating factor for training camp.

Wade Phillips talked about the amount of work the team has put in during the off season, especially Tony Romo. Both Jones and Phillips went out of their way to talk about Romo’s increasing leadership role on the team.

Jones predicts the team will play to the level of the new stadium. It remains to be seen whether that means they will play like a crown jewel of the NFL, or an overpriced, underperforming shell.

Workouts begin Wednesday.