A Cowboys Fan’s Guide To The Playoffs

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With football season over for the Cowboys, who should a Dallas fan pull for during the remainder of the playoffs? Without just jumping on the Tebow train or Brady Bandwagon, what team is most deserving of the Cowboys fan’s attentions?

Beginning with the NFC, the Cowboys’ conference, 4 teams are still in the hunt.

Last year’s champion, the Green Bay Packers are the top seed and boast a 15-1 record. A Cowboys fan cannot support the Packers for a multitude of reasons. First, remember the Ice Bowl? The Packers defeated the Cowboys on the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field. Most people don’t remember this was a rematch of the previous NFL title game which was also won by the Packers. Both years the Packers went on to win the Super Bowl, the first two Super Bowls. Even the Super Bowl trophy is named after the Green Bay coach, Vince Lombardi. Cowboys fans know this could easily have been the Landry Trophy. Additionaly, Green Bay has won 4 Super Bowls, another one would give them the same number as the Cowboys. The Packers are not a good choice for the Cowboys fan.

The San Francisco 49ers are the NFC’s 2nd seed team. The 49ers are already tied with the Cowboys at 5 Super Bowl wins. And remember what propelled San Francisco to their first title? The Catch. A Joe Montana to Dwight Clark touchdown that knocked the Cowboys out of the playoffs. No Cowboys fan wants the 49ers to have more Super Bowl titles than Dallas owns.

The 3rd seed in the NFC, the New Orleans Saints, only have 1 Super Bowl title, but that is enough. The Saint’s fans would have you believe they have been good forever, not a Johnny-come-lately arrival. The Saints have given the Cowboys plenty of misery even when New Orleans was a bad team. New Orleans has beaten the Cowboys 6 of the last 7 times, even a Christmas Eve whipping in 1999. It’s hard to cheer for a team that has your number like that.

The remaining NFC team is the New York Giants. A Cowboys fan cannot cheer for a divisional

rival. Especially one that just recently ended the Cowboys season. Additionally, the Giants have a recent history of beating the Cowboys in important games, such as every game they have played in the new Cowboys stadium.

In the AFC, the top-seed is the New England Patriots. A Cowboys fan cannot pull for the Patriots because they recently won 3 Super Bowls in 4 years. They have been successful for a decade, and are considered a dynasty. A Cowboys fan cannot accept another team as a dynasty.

The next seed in the AFC is the Ravens. A Cowboys fan cannot forgive the Ravens for the disgraceful way they closed Texas Stadium. No way to pull for this team.

Number 3 in the AFC is the Houston Texans. The Texans are the only NFL expansion team to ever win it’s first game. Who was it against? That’s right, the Dallas Cowboys. A Cowboys fan cannot like a team that made a fool of them.

Lastly, in the AFC, is the Denver Broncos. Tim Tebow’s team. There is a lot to like with this team, but not for a Cowboys fan. The Broncos are one of the only teams to actually have a winning overall record against Dallas. Can’t cheer for that.

So what does a Cowboys fan do during NFL Playoffs? Well, Saturday is easy, both the Stars and Mavericks are playing at the American Airlines Center. The Stars have reduced their prices and the Mavericks are defending champions. Sunday is a bit harder, but you can catch the opening rounds of the Australian Open. Impress your friends with your knowledge of a truly international sport. The next weekend will have continued Australian Open, because by then you will be hooked, and you can also watch live basketball at TCU, SMU, or UNT.

As a Cowboys fan on Super Bowl Sunday, plan to host the party. Because you will not care about the game, you will be a more attentive host, thus again impressing your friends. Plus, you will get to see all the Super Bowl tv commercials.

The NFL playoffs can be a lonely time for a Cowboys fan, but with a little effort, you can get past all the hype and wait for the next important event – the NFL Draft.

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