Brent Suspended 10 Games

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Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Josh Brent, who was convicted of intoxication manslaughter and spent five months behind bars, was conditionally reinstated as an NFL player with the Dallas Cowboys on Tuesday.

The conditions include Brent being suspended without pay for the first 10 games of the 2014 season, the first six of which he is not permitted at the club facility other than to meet with his clinician or the Cowboys’ player engagement director. At week 7, he can participate in team meetings and individual workouts, but not team practices. At week 9, he can practice with the team but not travel with it.

According to the NFL statement, Brent must fully comply with any evaluation, treatment or counseling required by medical or other professionals assigned to him, must fully comply with the requirements set forth by the courts regarding his probation, testing, and monitoring and have no other run-ins with the law. Any other alcohol-related issues will likely result in an immediate suspension and potential banishment from the NFL.

Brent’s agent, Peter Schaffer, told ProFootballTalk that Brent will appeal the decision.

Schaffer claims Brent’s suspension amounts to a 30-game suspension if you also count

Brent’s placement on the non-football injury list and his retirement in 2013.

He notes that NFL receiver Donte’ Stallworth received a 16-game suspension for a DUI resulting in a death.

Brent was originally drafted by Dallas in the seventh round of the 2010 Supplemental Draft. He retired July 18, 2013, to focus on his off the field issues that stemmed from him driving intoxicated and flipping his car, killing former teammate Jerry Brown.

Brent spent 45 days in rehab when he was released from prison, and began serving 10 years of probation.