Disgraceful, Cowboys Season Ends

Irving, TX   1-1-2009

No other way to say it, the Cowboys finished the season in a dreadful, disgraceful manner.  Giving away a winnable game in the Texas Stadium finale, followed by the gutless performance at Philadelphia has turned this once proud team into a laughing stock.  Former Cowboy Eugene Lockhart said it best, “I didn’t see a game.  I saw a Pee-Wee football team out there trying to play against professionals.”  Indeed, the final two games were the stuff of nightmares. Thank heavens for Detroit, the only team who can possibly be more embarrassing.

At least Detroit has something going for them, they lost as a team.  The Cowboys can only be called a loose association of talented men who appear to be more interested in headlines than winning games. What a shame.  Even when winning, the players could not be happy and had to point fingers because they were not getting enough individual attention. Except for the ones who would generate headlines with their idiotic off-field actions. At Philadelphia, some of the players could be seen angry with each other on the sideline. That was the only time emotion was shown the whole day. Why not channel that aggression to the guy in front of you wearing the other colors?   Even Hall of Fame great Michael Irvin said on ESPN radio “This was a team that put forth no effort.”

People everywhere are calling for change in the team.  Fire the coach, get rid of some players, clean house.   Maybe it’s not the talent, just the atmosphere. Perhaps these players just had to learn the hard way – respect is something you have to earn.  Now it will be a long time before they get that chance again.  Let’s hope they think about that while watching the playoffs on television.

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