McCarney Recovering From Stroke

University of North Texas head football coach Dan McCarney releases a statement confirming he suffered a stroke.  


A message from North Texas head coach Dan McCarney:

First, thanks to all the wonderful people who sent well-wishes during my time of illness. I am reminded of how truly blessed I am by the number of family, friends and colleagues that have reached out to show support to Margy and myself with words of support and encouragement.

After suffering numbness on the left side of my body Sunday, we called 911 and were subsequently rushed to the hospital. I have been told by the doctors that the early recognition of the symptoms and the quick response of the paramedics indeed helped minimize the impact of the stroke. Thanks to the care of the wonderful medical staff that I have been under, I am confident that there will be no long-lasting effects and I will be able to return my normal routine in time.

While I have a great passion for coaching and approach my job with a tireless effort, I’m sure that my doctors will ask that I as I return to work I take the necessary time to get back into my normal routine. I fully intend on leading the North Texas football program through spring drills and can’t wait to be back around my staff and players.

If there is any lesson to be learned in all of this it is to make yourself aware of the signs of a stroke and act immediately when those signs become present. I’m not sure if our quick reaction saved my life, but it definitely saved the quality of my life.

Thanks again for all the thoughts, prayers and signs of support.

Dan & Margy McCarney

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