Nancy Lieberman hosts Celebrity Golf Classic at Prestonwood Country Club

Nancy Lieberman hosted her annual charity golf tournament at Prestonwood Country Club’s Hills Course.

Familiar faces on hand included Tony Casillas, Sterling Sharpe, Patrick Crayton, Dale Hansen, Del Harris, Burton Gilliam, Preston Pearson, Jason Hatcher, Stephen Howard, Angelo King, Gary Reasons and Marty Turco.

“You guy show up for me all the time,” Lieberman said, prior to the shotgun start. “Every year, you take time out of your day, you give your time, your effort, your money and your passion to what we are trying to do here. What we are trying to do at our charity is be a good social partner to kids that need us. We’re Generation Now, they are Generation Next and we have an abundance in may different ways and we get the chance to change somebody else’s life.


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“My life was changed at 13-14 years old by people when I had nothing by people and without them, I wouldn’t be in front of you today,” she continued. “So the people that are here, we are just so humbled that you would show up. For the celebrities that are here, you guys never turn me down and I’m so grateful because I know how much you get asked.”

Lieberman also announced that the charity would be donating the money from the Long Drive Hole(No. 11 at Prestonwood) to Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma relief.


Nancy Lieberman Charities is a 501(c)3 organization funded by charitable donations and committed to promoting and developing healthy lifestyles and educational opportunities for children.

Our vision is to make a positive difference in the development of young girls and boys. We use basketball as a tool to stress the importance of self-improvement, health and fitness, working together and a winning attitude. We recognize that it is important that we give children all the encouragement and mentorship we can to help them realize their dreams. Not every child has the same opportunities in life and it is important to ensure they are given a great education to better position themselves to achieve their aspirations. We encourage our children to work hard and use good judgement in their every day lives so that they can be valuable members of society.