4th Down, 1 To Go

The Cowboys are following the blueprint laid out right here back in January (see 1st Down, 4 To Go).

As expected, Greg Ellis started griping and Jerry Jones has had enough.  Ellis was released.

The 12 year veteran had been a solid performer on the field, even being named to the Pro Bowl. In recent years, however, he has become an off-season team distraction with his constant complaining about his role and/or contract. Distracting players are something that Jones must be tired of, the fans are certainly tired of it.  The time has come for the Cowboys to put up or shut up, the players should be griping about losing, not how fat their wallets are becoming.

Good for you, Jerry. Take a stand.  Put a team on the field worthy of that shiny new stadium, then we will all stop complaining.

By the way, there is still one to go.

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