Bad Luck Jerseys Strike Again For Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys lost to the Minnesota Vikings 28-24 in prime time at AT&T Stadium.

Forget the black cat, the Dallas Cowboys lost against the Minnesota Vikings before they even stepped out of the locker room Sunday night. 

Someone in the Cowboys organization decided it would be a good idea to wear the blue jerseys at a home game.   Does the current Cowboys organization even know anything about tradition?  

Here is a little Dallas Cowboys history lesson for the Cowboys executives – The Dallas Cowboys lost the NFL Championship in 1968 while wearing the blue jerseys. Two years later, the Cowboys made it to the Super Bowl, only to lose to the Baltimore Colts, again while wearing the blue jerseys.  Eventually the Cowboys would win 5 Super Bowl titles, each time with a white jersey.

The Blue Jersey Jinx would become so well-known in the 70’s that opposing divisional teams, such as the Eagles and Redskins, would change their traditional home jersey color to white in order to force the Cowboys to wear the blue jerseys.  In 1981, the Eagles forced the  Cowboys to wear the blue jerseys in the NFC Championship game.  The Eagles earned their first playoff win ever over the Cowboys and made their first Super Bowl appearance as a result. This season, the Jets were winless until facing a Cowboys team wearing blue jerseys. 

Think it is just superstition?  Consider this, the Cowboys are 69-73-1 (according to published reports) when wearing the blue jerseys, including a 2-3 record this season.  For a team with the NFL’s all-time highest winning percentage, that is a significant decrease.  And guess what?  The Cowboys will be wearing the blue jerseys three more times this season.

Don’t believe in luck?  What about repetition?  The Cowboys offense practices in white jerseys, would that make it more difficult to make the reads when the opposing players are not in dark jerseys?  Is the quarterback a split-second slower picking up a receiver when he is used to looking for a white jersey?  Does the running back lose a step when he practices following a blocker with a white jersey every day?

Whatever the reason, the Blue Jersey Jinx appears to be as strong as ever.

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