Mavs Win 4th Straight

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The Dallas Mavericks continue to make their playoff push as they win 115-108 against the Milwaukee Bucks on Tuesday. This is the Mavericks fourth consecutive win and they are 3 wins away from being .500 in the season.

The Mavericks had a rough start to the game but were able to come back in the second quarter due to some crucial shots and assists by their veteran guard Mike James. He had a season-high 13 points and 7 assists.

Dallas currently sits three games back from the 8th seed in the Western conferenc. Head coach Rick Carlisle knows that they will have to play some of their best basketball if they want to have a chance to make it to the post season.

“We know time is short, and urgency is high,” coach Rick Carlisle said. “We’re going to let it all hang out. We’re going to throw the kitchen sink at everybody, and we’re going to hit every arena with guns blazing. That’s just how it’s got to be.”

This season Vince Carter has been the breakout star of the Mavericks and Tuesday was no different. Carter had 23 points for the Mavericks, 13 of the points coming in the fourth quarter when the Mavericks needed them the most. He also had three big three pointers that kept the Bucks from making any type of a comeback.

“I just felt in the groove. The basket just seemed extremely big and I felt comfortable in my shot,” said Carter, “I was just in the flow of the game, and a couple of shots, once I let them go I happened to look down and see the 3-point line was up there. I was like, ‘Oops,’ because I know if I don’t make them, coach is going to yell. But I had my feet set and in rhythm.”

Carter hopes to lead the Mavericks to another victory on Thursday when they head to San Antonio to play the Spurs. Tip-off is at 7:00 p.m.

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