FRISCO, TX – The Texas Legends announced the expansion of their partnership with Fox Sports Southwest (FSSW) allowing all home games to be broadcast by the regional station.

Coverage will begin with the Legends’ home opener Friday, Nov. 9th at 7:30pm CT.  The team will host the Utah Jazz affiliated Salt Lake City Stars in the first of the 24-game home schedule.

FSSW will televise 13 games live with the remaining 11 airing on a tape delay.  All home games will also air live on Fox Sports Go.  The full broadcast schedule is below.


Game Date                Opponent                  Air Date/Time

Nov. 9                         Salt Lake City             Nov. 10 at 11pm

Nov. 14                       Stockton                      Live on FSSW Plus

Nov. 16                       Oklahoma City           Nov. 17 at 11pm

Nov. 20                       Rio Grande Valley      Live on FSSW Plus

Nov. 24                       Maine                          Nov. 28 at 11pm

Dec. 5                          Salt Lake City             Dec. 8 at 11pm

Dec. 14                        Austin                          Live on FSSW

Dec. 15                        Delaware                    Live on FSSW Plus

Dec. 29                        Rio Grande Valley      Live on FSSW Plus

Jan. 5                          Santa Cruz                  Live on FSSW Plus

Jan. 16                        Westchester                Jan. 19 at 11pm

Jan. 21                        Iowa                            Live on FSSW Plus

Jan. 23                        Austin                          Live on FSSW Plus

Jan. 25                        Northern Arizona        Live on FSSW Plus

Jan. 30                        Long Island                 Jan. 31 at 11pm

Feb. 1                          Sioux Falls                   Live on FSSW Plus

Feb. 2                          South Bay                    Feb. 6 at 11pm

Feb. 9                          Memphis                     Live on FSSW Plus

Feb. 13                        South Bay                    Feb. 15 at 11pm

Feb. 23                        Iowa                            Live on FSSW Plus

Mar. 2                          Sioux Falls                   Mar. 4 at 11pm

Mar. 12                        Oklahoma City           Mar. 13 at 11pm

Mar. 15                        Agua Caliente            Mar. 16 at 11pm

Mar. 16                        Agua Caliente            Live on FSSW Plus


A limited number of season tickets are still available for the 2018-19 season.  For more information call 214-469-0822 or visit